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We are a company that provides a unique experience to customers by introducing a new trend-setting bakery and café. we have been refining our philosophy and techniques in the kitchen.

Our journey thus far has been a rewarding endeavor as we innovate fresh concepts and offer a brand new, unique experience for you and with you. let’s journey together.


The homemade food in Korea

Zip: Format Compressing files for efficient storage and transfer

Zipbop: A menu compressed authentic Korean food in a cup


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Getting your favorite Pastries, Cakes and more has never been so easy. Now you can order pickup online and avoid waiting on hold or repeating your credit card number over the phone.

Here at Paris Morning Bakery, we want to make things as convenient as possible for you. That’s why we offer 30% OFF your first order when ordering online, just use promo code: WELCOME at checkout.

Download our app or order directly from our Website and enjoy ordering our delicious food today. We pledge that your order will be right and right on time.


Cakes & Macarons




We use only natural ingredients amongst the wide helm of ingredients available to supply top quality baked goods. We devote countless hours into crafting unique baked goods in order to satisfy our customers.


We specialize in Coffee,

Bubble Tea and Everything!



Shaved milk chips flavored with condensed milk and various fruits, such as mango, strawberries, blueberries and rice cakes, all topped with ice cream.


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