Paris Morning



We are a company that provides a unique experience to customers by introducing a new trend-setting bakery and café. we have been refining our philosophy and techniques in the kitchen.

Our journey thus far has been a rewarding endeavor as we innovate fresh concepts and offer a brand new, unique experience for you and with you. let’s journey together.


The homemade food in Korea

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Cakes & Macarons



Walking into Paris Morning Bakery the wonderful familiar scent of freshly baked bread will surround you. Mixing traditional Korean bread with French pastry influences. With Many years of experience, our pastry chefs talents and skills are artfully on display.

We are known for having light and fluffy breads that are not too sweet. Our bread is good for any occasion and will not weigh you down. Crafted by hand, it’s charm will win you over as you reach for seconds.



Shaved milk chips flavored with condensed milk and various fruits, such as mango, strawberries, blueberries and rice cakes, all topped with ice cream.


Bubble Tea

The drink features a base that is made from tea, coffee or cream. It’s classically defining feature is the chewy black “pearls” that is sometimes referred to as “Boba” or the bubbles. Usually made from tapioca starch, the bubbles have a sweet taste with a chewy texture.

Paris Morning Bakery, offered smoothie versions, iced milk teas, and shaken teas. We have also gave it a frozen lemonade twist. The tart lemonade matches the sweet “pop” of fruity juice from our new popping pearls. At Paris Morning Bakery, we proudly use the finest ingredients from Lollicup USA. Sweet and refreshing our bubble tea is sure to add some refreshing fun to your day.

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